Soundcraftsmen Equalizer / Analyzer / Preamp

Prospekt [30.570 KB] aus 1982 zum 12jährigen Bestehen des Herstellers
Hier erfahren Sie nicht nur Interessantes zu den Modellen, sondern auch zu dem "Wie & Warum".

Equalizer RP - 2201 R

Zitat Original-Prospekt

" The RP2201-R created new design standards for I.C. equalizer technology. Only through our op-amp sythesized inductor circuit can a true +- 12db boost or cut be obtainable with an incredible 105db signal-to-noise ratio. While this model doen not incorporate the L.E.D. circuit of the RP2215-R , it does have the zero-gain controls and, very important - front panel tape equalization. A truely affordable equalizer at a cost-conscious price. "

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